Our People

Dave Zaboski is a classically trained painter, public speaker, entrepreneur and former Senior Animator with Disney, Sony and Warner Bros. He has been the expedition artist on a search for a lost temple in the Andes and painted for the Dalai Lama; taught collaborative creativity to entrepreneurs, educators, artists and others and teaches at world renown centers Esalen, Summit, The Chopra Center, and Rancho La Puerta among others. Dave lives in Southern California with his wife, daughter and a small menagerie.


Mitch Kirsch believes in the transformative power of people coming together.  He has 29 years experience in the live event industry, overseeing production of large-scale events including TV specials, festivals, and global events in 26 different countries on 5 continents, including 12 Olympic Games, 6 Super Bowls and 3 World Cups. Most importantly, he has lent his experience and energy to numerous charitable organizations to raise funds and awareness for the Rainforest Foundation, Pediatric AIDS, PETA, Virgin Mobiles RE*Generation, MTV Asia Aid benefiting tsunami victims, Fulfillment Fund, America: Tribute to Heroes, Concert for NYC, and many others.


Tony Koehl has used his creative visionson movies such as Van Helsing and Pirates of the Caribbean and Charmed. However, most of his commissioned work has been in the death metal music scene. Having been Tony Koehl’s second passion, asides from art, he began creating album art for the extreme metal genre ,ceating over 100 album covers and making a name for himself in a sector of music he has enjoyed since his youth. His 3rd eye enigma series shows the world how amazing we all are, tapping into the mental images to illustrate the powers we have to make our own realities and to gain for a better life for all. Tony Koehl has also showcased his art throughout Southern California, New York and Japan.


Garret Ramsey Staab is a renowned tattoo artists living in Tucson and one of the Guardians of Art Temple. After his stint in the armed services Garret dedicated his life to the study of peaceful practices and art. He is the lead production foreman for Art Temple and a dutiful manager for all aspects of the realization of Art Temple in the world.