Our Story

We are the artists.

We have glorified the burnt stick and exalted the divine. We listen to the wind for the miracles and then make them. We turn thoughts into things.

We are a product of a planet teeming with creativity and magic. We are an imaginative expression of the intelligence of the Earth and Sun. In our gratitude for their grace and gifts, we honor them by emulating the Universal Force: We create. We make things. We explore the boundaries of the known and work to expand what is held in heart and head, body and soul. We go deep.

We are the artists. Imprinted by the infinite. A localized celebration of the cosmos.


Just like you.


The divine spark of creation is in you right now. If you harbor a single doubt, I promise it is closer that you think. Step into Art Temple and you will feel it shimmering near the surface of your being. It’s real. Let it out. In Art Temple we turn spectators into participants. They then turn thoughts into things, grounding their field in the fertile loam of self expression. You know this place.

Art Temple is the bridge between mind and matter, science and spirit. It is a portal for new ideas, insights and revelations. Enter Art Temple and welcome the Artist that dwells in you.

Art Temple: Feel Free.